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Vanguard Appraisal Management is more than just an appraisal management company. We want to be your partner in success  for both lenders and appraisers alike. We feel that knowing your client and their specific needs enables us to help them exceed their expectations and provide a quality product. Every order regardless of how big or small is handled with the utmost importance and priority. When placing an order with Vanguard you can be at ease that everything will be handled with the professionalism you expect and the proficiency you want.



"We do not want to be the biggest appraisal management company; Just the best.”


Our staff and management strive everyday to make sure that although we are not the biggest AMC we do everything possible to be the best. Being the best takes care and understanding of the appraisal process from both the lenders standpoint and the appraiser's standpoint. Our appraisers understand that we have commitments to our clients and in order to keep our commitments we have to work together. Our lenders understand that we are constantly monitoring, updating, and working with our appraisers to ensure a reliable product that is produced by some of the best appraisers in the industry.

Our goals are simple:

  • Instill confidence with our client.

  • Make sure that the final product is of the highest quality.

  • Make sure the entire appraisal process is in compliance.

  • Ensure that we have placed the appraisal order with the
    appraiser with the most geographic competence.

  • Ensure the accuracy of the final product.

Confidence, Quality, Compliance, Competence, and Accuracy are the values that are instilled in our staff and our appraisers on every order that is placed with Vanguard Appraisal Management.


Vanguard Appraisal Management realizes we are only as good as the appraisers who are utilized to complete the appraisal. That is why we strive to recruit only the best and most professional appraisers in the country.

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